Breathing Space

Residents struggling with problem debts can now take advantage of two new schemes.

Breathing Space and Breathing Space Mental Health Crisis Debt schemes are there to support people to get their finances under control.

The debt schemes are government initiatives but information and support is available in the borough through Trafford Council and Citizens Advice Trafford.

Breathing Space can allow people a 60-day break from paying interest or fees on money they have borrowed.

People who are in contact with Trafford Council’s mental health crisis services may also be eligible for the Breathing Space Mental health Crisis Debt Scheme. An approved mental health professional must confirm they are receiving mental health crisis treatment. If you are eligible, the existing interest and debt repayments can be frozen while you receive treatment, plus an additional 30 days.

Cllr Graham Whitham, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Communities and Partnerships, said:

It can be very easy to slip into debt. This has been particularly true for people during the Covid pandemic. Once in debt, just paying back the interest itself can be crippling, financially and mentally.

“We are determined to ensure that Trafford residents can access support when they need it so I would urge anyone struggling with problem debts to come forward.

“Our teams and our partners are there to help and, by working together, we can help you back on that path to financial stability."

For more information about the schemes, visit

If you are worried about debt, please contact Citizens Advice Trafford (CAB) on 0808 278703.


Posted on Friday 14th May 2021