Skills service to support Trafford residents into new jobs

Advice and information to help train Trafford residents into new jobs and careers is now available with the launch of the Council’s specialist skills brochure.

The publication is aimed at anyone looking for training opportunities or retraining into a new sector, and contains details of over 200 free courses on offer across Trafford. It is available both online at and in print in libraries, job centres and community centres across the borough.

At a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to job losses, Start a New Future, Adult Learning Guide 2021-22 is full of useful information to help people explore their options and take the next step to new employment. From childcare to plumbing and maths to confidence building, there is a huge variety of courses from which to choose, suitable for a wide range of levels and experience.

For anyone requiring extra support, the Council’s dedicated Skills Information Officer, Rachel Kemp is also on hand to assist with queries and provide one-to-one guidance to help people find the right training path for them.

Rachel Kemp, Trafford Council’s Skills Information Officer said:

“We are here to help anyone who has lost their job or is considering a new start for any reason. It could be at any stage – young people just beginning their working life, older people wanting to make a change – there are options for everyone.

“The new brochure is packed full of ideas and I would be delighted to hear from anyone who needs more of a helping hand to get them on their way. Taking a new path can be daunting but with the right support can open up wonderful new opportunities, and we want to help as many people as possible into better employment.”

Councillor Mike Freeman, Trafford’ Executive Member for Covid-19 Recovery and Reform added:

“Equipping our residents with the right skills and training will be vital to Trafford’s postCovid recovery. This new publication is an invaluable resource giving comprehensive details of free courses, training and apprenticeships available across the borough.

“Whether you are looking for your first job or have ambition to try something different, it is a great place to assess your options and find the right course for you.”

To request a copy of the Start a New Future brochure or to chat further about training opportunities in Trafford, please email Rachel Kemp on or text 07971 034641.

Posted on Thursday 10th June 2021