Community groups across Trafford have received more than £47,000 to improve residents' digital skills

Trafford Council has awarded the money through the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Digital Grants scheme, which was launched in July 2020. This money has enabled residents throughout the borough to benefit from improving their computer and online skills.

The Covid restrictions has prevented people from seeing their friends and family face to face, while many have also had to work from home. Therefore the grants have been particularly beneficial.

Jan Tasker is the joint CEO of Collaborative Women, which addresses the needs of women of Ethnic Minorities, particularly around issues of modern day slavery. Funding was used to move their programme online so they could continue to provide peer to peer support during lockdown. She said:

“It gives them a free, accessible online environment to mix with other women and experience the world in a way they haven’t been able to before. Without projects such as ours these women are alone, without access to the support they need to survive.”

Samantha Fisher, Chief Executive of Trafford Domestic Abuse Services, was delighted her organisation received funding.

She said:

“The Digital Grant Scheme came at the perfect time for our service users. We have been able to support them in increasing their digital skills so they can not only continue their day to day activities but also still access the vital support they need to break free from domestic abuse.”

Community group Dynamic Heights Training also received a grant. Dynamic Heights provides inspirational training to benefit marginalised and disadvantaged individuals and groups in Greater Manchester. They used their funding to provide free, online interview and presentation skills for unemployed residents of Trafford. Mumba Kafula, from the organisation, said:

“The support enables women to build back their confidence and improve their skills for the future – a much needed resource has been provided.”

The grant has encouraged innovative ideas covering the purchase of devices as well as training and support with the aim of improving the digital skills of Trafford residents. The grant supported applications that helped to build confidence in using digital technology, helping people to connect in a digital world and stay safe when doing so.

Cllr Graham Whitham, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Communities and Partnerships, said:

“We are determined to help people that are less digitally able to get on line. These grants are there to help people stay connected, feel confident at using technology and feel safe when they are browsing online.”

Posted on Friday 18th June 2021