Resident's life turned around thanks to kindness and prompt actions of Council staff

Keeley Jeng
Kayley Jeng

A chance encounter on the street with a Trafford Council employee has transformed a resident’s life.

Tenancy Support Officer Keeley Jeng was out visiting clients and had stopped at a traffic light when she noticed a woman at the side of the road looking dishevelled and confused. She pulled over and it quickly became clear when speaking to her that she was homeless and in need of assistance.

Keeley, who is part of the wider Housing Options Service Trafford (HOST) team, contacted HOST officer Ian Treadwell. He immediately arranged suitable, emergency accommodation and put the woman in touch with social services colleagues to assist with food supplies.

Over the course of the following weeks it emerged that the woman had probably been homeless for some time following a traumatic incident, and had wandered through different local authority areas without knowing where to turn for help.

Thanks to Keeley and Ian’s continued efforts, a vacant over-55s flat was identified in Trafford for the woman, and she is now living there safely, with ongoing support from the Council and local charities. She has expressed her gratitude to Keeley and says the help she has received has turned her life around.

Cllr James Wright, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Housing and Regeneration said:

“Our housing team already works hard for the residents we are aware of with housing needs, but this was a case of an officer going far beyond their usual duties. From the quick-thinking decision to strike up a conversation with the lady, to her intensive efforts to get her all the support she needed, staff went out of their way to help get this lady’s life back on track.

Had Keeley not taken the time to stop and talk with this lady, she may well have still been homeless now. We are proud of Keeley and Ian’s prompt actions and their determination to help.”

If you need help or assistance with housing or homelessness, please contact HOST on 0161 912 5513. For out of hours emergency help, please call the Emergency Duty Team on 0161 912 2230.

Posted on Thursday 29th July 2021