Increased demand for in-year school places in Trafford

Education chiefs in Trafford say they have faced a huge surge in demand for in-year primary school places in the borough and they are reassuring parents that they are working hard to meet the additional requests.

The excellent reputation of Trafford’s schools has sparked an increase in families wanting to move to the borough.

Education officials have received over 600 applications over the summer period and are aiming to offer as many places as possible within a reasonable distance of a child’s home. The children will then start school as soon as possible following their allocation.

Council officers are also working closely with headteachers to use available space within schools, to accommodate additional pupils. Funding will be allocated to do this and the matter will be discussed at the next committee meeting of the Council Executive on Monday 27 September.

Earlier this year Trafford was able to offer 98% of applicants who applied for reception places their first or second choice of school which was a tremendous achievement.

A spokesperson for Trafford Council said:

“Trafford is a diverse borough and we continue to welcome new families and young people into the area. The excellent reputation of our schools has seen us face unprecedented demand for in-year school places during this summer. We are working closely with head teachers to find places for all these applicants and ensure children attend a school that is within a reasonable distance of their homes.

Trafford is a great place to live. The fact that people want to come to Trafford is a reflection of the superb schools we have here and the amazing teachers and school staff, as well as the wonderful support they receive from parents.

In Trafford we have added nearly 4,000 new primary school places since 2010 while still maintaining high standards of education and strong parental satisfaction. Our recent proposals for further school expansions will continue to allow our schools to remain effective and able to provide top quality education for our children and young people.”

Posted on Thursday 23rd September 2021