Where are your favourite historic sites in Trafford?

Trafford is famous for being home to hundreds of fabulous historic sites of interest – but which are your favourites?

Trafford Council is giving residents the chance to nominate historic buildings, landscapes, historic sites, public art, monuments and even street furniture, as part of a new local heritage list campaign.

The Council is working with the Greater Manchester Archaeological Advisory Service, who are based at the University of Salford, and Greater Manchester Combined Authority, to identify and help protect the things that make a place special and give the borough its special character.

The Council and GMAAS are collecting nominations throughout October, November and December to add to the Local Heritage List for Trafford – a list of the borough’s most special and distinctive historic buildings and structures which are not worthy of statutory designation, but make a significant contribution to the character of the borough.

That is why we are asking for the public’s help to nominate their favourites. The Local Heritage List will reinforce efforts to preserve the character of the historic environment in Trafford and will be used as a consideration in the planning process going forward.

Cllr James Wright, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Housing and Regeneration, said:

“Trafford’s historic environment incorporates a diverse range of heritage assets from medieval villages, engineering achievements, fine suburban villas combined with a rich history of association with notable residents, sports and recreation.

A Local Heritage List provides an exciting opportunity for the local community to get involved and identify those heritage assets which make a significant contribution to the diverse character and local distinctiveness of the borough”

The six-week consultation is open to everyone, and nominations can be made on the Greater Manchester Local Heritage List Project website. You can also go along to Sale Waterside, Urmston and Partington Libraries or the Trafford Park Heritage Centre, where there will be a small exhibition about the project and paper voting forms. Nominations are open until the end of November.

Posted on Tuesday 19th October 2021