Have your say on plan to make improvements to Sale town centre – deadline extended

Residents and businesses in Sale are being asked their views on a strategy aimed at making key improvements to the town centre.

Trafford Council wants their views on plans to update the Sale Public Realm and Movement Strategy and has extended the deadline to December 19.

The Strategy was the subject of significant public consultation and resulted in a series of potential interventions aimed at improving the town centre. The projects identified a series of improvements that could be made in the following areas; Ashfield Road / Claremont Road, Hayfield Street / Hereford Street, Northenden Road, School Road, Sibson Road, Springfield Road, Town Hall Junction and Waterside Plaza.

Given the time that has elapsed between the Strategy being completed and the Covid pandemic, the Council wants to update the Strategy to ensure it is still relevant, can support the recovery and focused on those areas that are most important to the public and other key stakeholders. The updated Strategy will then be used to try and secure funding to deliver some or all of the initiatives identified.

Trafford Council has appointed Planit-IE Ltd and Civic Engineers to undertake the review and will be leading on the consultations and speaking to key local stakeholders.

Lindsay Humblet, Director at Planit, said:

“Both ourselves and Civic Engineers are delighted to be involved with the review of the 2018 Strategy, and look forward to welcoming the feedback through the online consultation and wish to thank those that attended the public consultation events held on the 8th and 9th of December. This is an important opportunity for everyone to have their say”.

Initially the online consultation was due to run until the 13th December but now has been extended until the 19th December 2021 to allow more time for people to put across their views.

Cllr James Wright, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Housing and Regeneration, said:

"Given the importance of reviewing the Strategy, more time is being offered to allow people to come forward and share their views on this important piece of work. There has been a good level of interest in the review of the Strategy both at the consultation events that happened on the 8th and 9th of December and also through the online consultation we’ve been running. To extend the consultation until the 19th of December helps make sure we capture the views of as many people, businesses and key stakeholders as possible.”

The online web page is available through the following link:  https://bit.ly/sale-strategy-refresh

Posted on Wednesday 15th December 2021