Council serves up food for thought on reducing waste

OTP Press Release - Cllr Adshead Save £60

The One Trafford Partnership is calling on residents to reduce food being wasted to save up to £60 per month off their food bills.

In support of Trafford Council’s priority to help people out of poverty, the partnership is delivering a leaflet to every household, full of helpful tips to save a few extra pounds on groceries each month. From planning shopping lists and tasty meals, to utilising the freezer and adjusting fridge temperatures, these tips can help the average family save up to £720 a year.

It’s not just money to be saved, but the environmental impact that food waste has on the planet. When food goes in the bin, all the energy and water it takes to grow, harvest, transport and package it gets wasted; contributing to the current climate crisis.

Executive Member for Environmental and Regulatory Services, Councillor Stephen Adshead, said:

“Sometimes it can be hard and costly to think of what to cook for lunch or dinner each day. With the cost of living increasing, we are sharing tips to keep food fresher for longer, and great meal ideas to help families save up to £60 per month.

A recent study showed that in Trafford, food waste makes up 25% of the waste collected in the grey bin and isn’t recycled. This means the resources gone into getting this food on our plates is ultimately wasted. We all have an important role to play in fighting climate change in Trafford and looking at the food on our plates is a good place to start. By changing our habits to reuse, repurpose and recycle food, we can reduce our carbon footprint and minimise what we waste.

So if it’s raw, cooked or gone off, and you can’t use it, recycle it all in your green bin. That includes bones, eggshells and that unopened pack of ham that went out of date. Just remember to remove it from its packaging before you put it in the green bin. If you’ve not already got yourself a kitchen caddy and a roll of compostable bags, head to the council website to order yours for free at”

Residents should look out for the leaflet landing on their doorstep over the next couple of weeks. It also has helpful links to the Love Food Hate Waste website where residents can find delicious recipes based on the ingredients they have at home.

To find out more about what can be recycled in the green bin, residents can visit and follow the partnership on Twitter and Facebook by searching #Foodforthought.

Posted on Tuesday 7th June 2022