Trafford Council statement on the situation in Ukraine

“On behalf of Trafford Council and the borough of Trafford, we want to express how deeply saddened and shocked we are by the situation in Ukraine. The decision by Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine is an act of unjustified aggression and the deliberate targeting of innocent people is deplorable.  

"As a democratic nation we stand for the right for countries to defend their borders and live in peace.  

"Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and with those Ukrainians who call Trafford their home as we hope for a peaceful and swift settlement to this situation. In support of the Ukraine people we plan to fly the Ukraine flag at Trafford Town Hall this week.” 

Cllr Andrew Western, Leader of Trafford Council 

Cllr Nathan Evans, Leader of the Conservative Group 

Cllr Daniel Jerrome, Leader of the Green Party Group 

Cllr Julian Newgrosh, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Group 

If you wish to become a sponsor for a Ukrainian family fleeing the war, the first step is to register via the Government's Homes for Ukraine scheme.

If you would like to help Ukrainian refugees coming into Trafford, please visit Ukrainian Response | Trafford Hubs.

Support for Ukrainians in Trafford

Posted on Monday 28th February 2022