Council continue efforts to bring relief to Carrington residents

A relief road which will end years of misery for local residents is to be discussed by council chiefs in Trafford.

Carrington and surrounding areas have been plagued by heavy traffic and lorries rumbling through local roads, which is why the Council has earmarked a relief road to take congestion away.

As well as improving home life for residents, the relief road will also speed up journey times and reliability, meaning better public transport for the area. Furthermore, the better connectivity to Carrington and nearby Partington means improved growth in housing and employment for residents and businesses.

Another key benefit of the relief road is it would take lorries away from the narrow lanes of the A6144, the main route through the area, allowing traffic calming measures to be introduced which would improve walking and cycling options for people as well as reducing pollution in the area.

It’s hoped that planning permission for the road will be delivered in 2023, following a public consultation. Work would then begin in 2024 and the road completed by spring 2027. The Council’s Executive will consider making Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) to buy the land on which the relief road will be built, in order to keep to the planned timetable.

Cllr Aidan Williams, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Climate Change and Transport Strategy, said:

“Residents have suffered long enough with constant traffic through the area. Creating the relief road will create better home life, free from the noise and exhaust fumes that pollute the air.

The road unlocks so much potential for Carrington and Partington. As a Council we are committed to making sure our residents have access to jobs, and that our businesses can flourish. Having proper infrastructure in place – that also promotes active travel like cycling – is an essential part of that and this is what the relief road will provide.

Our preference will be to negotiate with landowners to come to a voluntary settlement – but it is worth using CPOs so we can get the road built as soon as is practical.”

A report to the Executive – which will be discussing the relief road on 25 July – has noted a revised cost of the road to £56.2m, with higher inflation causing a large part of the projected increase.

Cllr Williams said:

“The cost of living crisis has serious effects on households – but also in the cost of delivering important projects such as this relief road.

It’s important that inflation is brought under manageable control, while investment is made in projects like this to deliver growth and opportunity for residents and businesses here in Trafford.”

Posted on Tuesday 19th July 2022