Mobile health unit to treat homeless and rough sleepers on streets of Trafford

An innovative mobile health unit designed to provide on-the-spot medical care to rough sleepers and the homeless will be on the streets of Trafford for the first time this week.

The Trafford Council unit will be visiting Stretford, Old Trafford, Sale, Altrincham and Partington to offer much-needed support to those most in need of help.

The mobile health unit will offer a range of treatments including vaccinations (Covid-19, Flu), health checks, blood tests (with support of a registered GP), mobile ECG tests, dentist support, sexual health advice and immunisation support. It will also provide help with obtaining E-Cigs, GP registration and will offer free shopping vouchers and goodie bags.

Trafford Council obtained the unit after winning a bid totalling £237,526 from the Government as part of the Rough Sleeper Initiative (RSI). The RSI funding will be used to provide a tenancy support worker, a personalisation fund, more emergency accommodation and transport support.

Trafford will also benefit from a full time rough sleeper outreach worker, a psychologist, a dual diagnosis worker and funding for two workers to help with complex cases.

The cash will be used to support Trafford Council’s corporate priorities to support people out of poverty and reduce health inequalities in the borough.  

The unit will be parked up in the following locations:

Tuesday, September 27

10am – 12pm: Meadow Lodge, 2 Highfield Road, Stretford

1pm – 2pm: Bluesci, 54 Seymour Grove, Old Trafford

3pm – 5pm: Greenbank, 15-31 Seymour Grove, Old Trafford

Wednesday, September 28

10am – 11am: Bluesci, Coppice Ave, Sale

12noon -2pm: Christine Court, 2 Orchard Road, Altrincham

Thursday, September 29

11am – 1pm: St Bride’s Church, Old Trafford

2pm-3pm: Pomona Gardens, Old Trafford

4pm – 5pm: Bluesci, Partington

Cllr James Wright, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods, said he was delighted. Cllr Wright said: “Trafford Council and the Executive is totally committed to helping homeless people and those who are sleeping rough.  This mobile health unit will be of huge importance to those who find themselves in the devastating position of being homeless.

“It will give people access to mobile health care including vaccinations, health checks, blood tests and dentist support. People living on the streets can now receive this health care and this is why the mobile unit is so important.  Thank you to everyone involved in setting up this fabulous initiative.”

For more information, please call HOST on 0161 912 2230.













Posted on Friday 23rd September 2022