Residents praised by Council boss after recycling more

New Trafford Council leader Tom Ross has thanked residents following the latest figures of household waste recycling.

58.8% of household waste in Trafford was recycled in the financial year ending in March 2022 – well above the average of around 44% for England. It places Trafford residents as some of the best recyclers in Greater Manchester. Figures for 2022/23, so far, suggest Trafford is recycling even more.

Cllr Ross said:

“Thank you to everyone who does their best to sort out their waste into the correct bin. It is a priority that we increase the amount we recycle and these statistics show we are heading in the right direction.”

The new leader has made addressing the climate crisis a personal priority since taking office in the new year and was keen to point out the advantages of recycling.

He added: "We all have an important role to play in fighting climate change in Trafford and looking at the food on our plates is a good place to start. By changing our habits to buy what we need, use up leftovers and recycle the rest, we can reduce our carbon footprint and minimise what we waste.”

Cllr Ross also challenged residents to increase Trafford’s recycling rate further.

He said:

“There is still more that we can do. The more we recycle, the less waste needs to go in the grey bin. A recent study showed in Trafford, food waste makes up 25 per cent of the waste collected in the grey bin and isn’t recycled. This means the resources gone into getting this food on our plates is ultimately wasted.”

“In addition, our refuse crews are reporting that some collections of paper and card can’t be recycled, because too many wrong items are being placed in blue bins. Wrong items including bags of rubbish, duvets and nappies are being hidden at the bottom of blue bins, and there are so many of them that they can’t be picked out by hand.”

“Please recycle right and check that you are putting the right waste into the right bin. Working together, we can be the best borough in the country for recycling.”

For details on what can be recycled in what bin, and to download a recycling guide, residents can visit the Council's waste collections website.


Posted on Tuesday 24th January 2023