Voter ID data for Trafford Council election

Data released by Trafford Council shows that more than 99% of people brought ID to the polling station for its elections on 4 May.

Collated figures across the borough show 31,965 residents voted at the 120 polling stations in Trafford.

At the end of polling day, 130 people who tried to vote in a polling station were not given a ballot paper because they did not meet the new voter ID requirements.

The data also shows that, while 317 people were initially turned away, 187 returned with acceptable ID and were able to vote. This means 59% of those initially turned away returned and were issued with a ballot paper.

Overall, 99.6% of people who turned up to vote at a polling station were able to vote.

Sara Todd, Returning Officer for Trafford Council, said:

"It is disappointing to turn anyone away from voting but we had to comply with the new regulations.

“We carried out a lot of work to raise awareness of voter ID requirements. This included a letter to every household, advertisements in the local media, as well as campaigns on social media.

“We will continue to raise awareness throughout the year ahead of the next election. Voting is one of the most important things residents can do so we want to make sure that as many people as possible can vote.”

Overall turnout for the election was 39.56%.

Posted on Friday 12th May 2023