One Trafford Response - FAQs

What is One Trafford Response?

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In Trafford, we have recently committed to work differently with residents and our partners to help them take greater control of their lives and provide the support they need for a better future.

This is known as the One Trafford Response and is a new way of improving how services work together to help people. 

Who do we help?

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The One Trafford Response team offers support and advice to residents who:

  • have been out of work or training for a long period of time
  • are struggling to support  their children to attend school
  • have children who are, or have been, in trouble with the police
  • have been involved in anti-social behaviour
  • are affected by domestic abuse and/or violence within the home
  • have received support from social care and are still experiencing difficulties
  • have physical and mental health problems affected by life choices
  • are affected by substance misuse
  • have housing issues
  • feel isolated within their community
  • have a variety of health and social care needs and requirements
  • are experiencing debt or hardship

How is One Trafford Response different?

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Lots of different agencies may have previously worked with residents on an individual basis, helping to solve problems and provide support. One Trafford Response will offer you a key worker who will get an understanding of your situation, ensuring the correct support is provided at the right time and preventing the work of one agency overlapping with another.

How does One Trafford Response work?

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We’ll have a chat with you over the phone and introduce you to your dedicated key worker.

Your key worker will visit you to understand what you like to do and what you would like to change.

They may also meet with relevant members of your family, for example, parents or partners, as they may be able to help make the changes you want to make. Your key worker is there to help to support you to achieve your goals.

How will you be involved?

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With your key worker, you will agree a personal action plan that works towards your goals. You will be encouraged and supported to achieve these targets in manageable stages. You will be in control of your plan and can change how you want to do things at any time. Your key worker is able to offer advice and guidance if needed.

Why are we doing this?

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The One Trafford Response team aims to:

  • help you and your family regain control of issues affecting your life
  • promote your self-reliance and independence
  • help you to reduce your debt and manage your finances more efficiently
  • support you to find employment or to enrol in a training scheme
  • create a personal action plan so that agencies and services no longer need to be involved with you and your family
  • reduce the risk of you being evicted
  • help you live a more healthy and active life
  • help you to support your children to achieve more at school
  • give you better access to the care and support you need
  • help you be better connected to your community and more independent

As well as Trafford Council, One Trafford Response organisations include:

  • schools
  • housing services
  • benefits team
  • police
  • voluntary and community sector organisations
  • Job Centre Plus
  • probation service
  • health services
  • fire service
  • skills and employment services
  • domestic abuse services
  • drug and alcohol services

Privacy statement

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For further information on how your information is used, how we maintain the security of your information, and your rights to access information we hold on you, please visit our Privacy notices web page.