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Technical issues

The One Trafford Partnership is currently experiencing IT difficulties, which means we are not able to process service requests or complaints as quickly as we would like.

If your request is urgent or an emergency (see below), please contact our contact centre on 03330 035865.

For urgent / emergency service requests, you can contact the One Trafford contact centre between the hours of 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Out of hours, you should contact the Emergency Duty Team on 0161 912 1111 or 0161 912 2020.

For non-urgent requests, please continue to log these online using the links below.

We are currently unable to update the status of requests, so many will still show as ‘processing’. However, work is still being carried out and completed as appropriate, and your request will be updated fully once our system has been restored.

Urgent / emergency service requests


  • Dangerous potholes (likely to cause property / people damage)
  • Flooding
  • Gully covers missing

Street lighting

  • Road traffic accident (RTA) damage to street furniture (i.e. lighting columns, crash barriers etc.)
  • Column leaning
  • Wires exposed on any electrical street item
  • Column hanging lantern
  • More than three consecutive streetlights out


  • Missed assisted collections

Streets and open spaces

  • Hazardous fly tipping
  • Obstructive fly tipping (items blocking the highway)
  • Spillage of oil / road traffic accident clean ups (usually via the Police etc.)
  • Dead animal (where causing obstruction / hazard to health)
  • Offensive graffiti
  • Unsafe play areas

Non-urgent requests