Pupil Place Planning

Strategic Priorities

Achieve the right balance of sufficient places without over provision to maintain stability within the existing school system

  • Expand existing schools to protect financial viability
  • Remove mixed age classes where they exist
  • Amalgamate separate infant and junior schools where possible
  • Achieve best value through efficient allocation of resource

Strategic Planning

School Places/Education Capital Board

  • School Admissions
  • School Capital Projects
  • School Improvement
  • School Finance

Place Shaping Board

  • Education
  • Strategic Planning
  • Development Management
  • Legal, Finance, Estates

Decision making by Trafford Council Executive.

Funding Streams

Department for Education Basic Need Grant

Developer Contributions

Trafford Corporate Capital

Selecting Schools for Expansion

Once there is an assessed need for additional places in a planning area, these are the criteria used when considering schools for expansion:

  • Location of the school relative to population or catchment area
  • Access for pupils by public transport and other sustainable modes of travel
  • Current size of the school
  • Potential to remove mixed age classes
  • Practicality of expansion on the existing site
  • Costs of expansion – achieving best value
  • Latest Ofsted judgement is good or outstanding

Key Stages in the Process

Expansion options appraised by School Places and Education Capital Board and recommendation agreed

Decision by Trafford Executive to progress the proposal and agree initial budget

Engagement of Governing Body and set-up of Design Working Group to further develop the proposal

Proposal subject to range of statutory processes and consultations:

  • Planning
  • Prescribed alterations to maintained schools
  • School admission arrangements

Decision making by Trafford Executive as proposal progresses through stages