Proposal to Amalgamate Wellfield Infant & Nursery School and Wellfield Junior School

The proposal is to amalgamate Wellfield Infant & Nursery School and Wellfield Junior School. It is proposed this will be achieved by closing Wellfield Junior School and simultaneously extending the age range at Wellfield Infant & Nursery School from the current to 3 to 7 years, to 3 to 11 years. It is proposed that the Headteacher of Wellfield Infant & Nursery School will become the Headteacher of Wellfield Primary School.

The reason this method of amalgamation is being proposed is because from September 2021 there is a vacancy in the headship of Wellfield Junior School. When a Headteacher position at either an infant or junior school becomes vacant, we consider if the site can be effectively managed as one school and if the buildings can be adapted to meet the needs of an amalgamated school at an acceptable cost, should this be required. If this is the case then we commence a period of informal consultation on a proposal to amalgamate.

It is proposed that following a period of transition, the two schools would form an amalgamated primary school from September 2022. 

The governing bodies are working together to create interim leadership arrangements, pending the outcome of the consultation. These interim arrangements are outside the scope of this consultation.

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