Trafford aims to ensure that all communities involved with children and young people do everything they can to keep them safe from bullying, and encourages them to follow the principles of the TAB Charter by:

  • Having a clear strategy to promote and support an Anti-Bullying ethos
  • Having a named senior Lead for Anti-Bullying
  • Developing an effective policy involving all stakeholders which covers the bullying of staff, whether by young persons, parents or other staff, as well as the bullying of young persons
  • Reviewing the Anti-Bullying Policy and Action Plan annually
  • Having a commitment to embed good policy and practice throughout the organisation
  • Giving Anti-Bullying a high profile within all communities
  • Engaging with local and national anti-bullying initiatives
  • Taking a multi-agency perspective
  • Being committed to partnership working
  • Engaging partners
  • Providing support and guidance to stakeholders and partner agencies
  • Advocating on behalf of children, young people and their families
  • Providing challenge
  • Being open to challenge and support.