2024 Admission arrangements (determined)

Trafford community and voluntary controlled schools

We consulted on the proposed admission arrangements and procedures for community and voluntary controlled schools for the 2024 academic year between 24 November 2022 and 19 January 2023.

We announced the consultation to all Trafford headteachers, governors, relevant Diocese, other local authorities, relevant parents and other groups with an interest in the local area. The consultation notice was published in the local press, advertised through the early years and schools e-bulletins and on our website.

The following arrangements were determined by Trafford’s Executive Member for Children’s Services on 27 February 2023.

You can object to the schools adjudicator if you think a school’s admission arrangements do not comply with the School Admissions Code.

The deadline for objections each year is 15 May. Objections will be considered by the adjudicator if they’re made on time. Admission arrangements can be referred to the adjudicator at other times, however the adjudicator has the discretion on whether or not to consider the case if it is referred after 15 May. Find out more about how to object against school admission arrangements.