Additional information for Sale residents

High schools

High Schools in Sale are significantly oversubscribed and it is frequently the case that some Sale children do not achieve places in their first preferred school.  In the 2021 transfer process 8 children, resident in Sale could not be allocated places at any of their preferred high schools.  In cases like this children are allocated places at the nearest school with a vacancy, although these places will usually be in another area of Trafford.  You are free to list any schools in any order but given the levels of oversubscription, you must also consider what will happen if you cannot achieve a place at your preferred school or schools.

There are 2 high schools in Sale.  Sale High School gives priority to children that live in the Sale area, closest to the school in a straight line distance.  Ashton-on-Mersey School does not have a catchment area, it allocates places to children that live closest to the school in a straight line distance.  This results in a circle around the school that varies each year but it is usually less than 1 mile: 

  • 2021 - 0.92 miles
  • 2020 - 0.87 miles
  • 2019 - 1.03 miles
  • 2018 - 0.92 miles
  • 2017 - 0.91 miles

Altrincham College also includes Sale postcodes in its catchment area.

If you are applying for high school places, you are advised to include all 3 of these schools somewhere in your list of 5 preferences. 

Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College gives priority to baptised Catholic children that attend a Catholic primary school in Trafford and then to other baptised Catholic children.  If you wish your child to be considered as a baptised catholic you must ensure that you provide a copy of the child’s baptismal certificate direct to the school.

Grammar schools

Sale Grammar School is not oversubscribed from local children.  This means that all Sale children that pass the entrance examination and have applied on time, have achieved places at the school on national offer day in all recent years.