Primary admissions - what to do next

Proof of residency

Trafford schools are extremely popular and most are oversubscribed. Trafford must make every effort to ensure that the allocation of places is correct and transparent.

Many applicants have already been asked to provide proof of residency, and in some cases proof of disposal of a previous property. However, some applicants may be asked to submit further information before the allocation of a school place can be confirmed.

Your allocation letter will clearly advise if you need to provide further evidence.

How do I accept the offer of a place?

Please note that places cannot be accepted over the telephone.

Trafford residents must return the reply slip and any proof of residency requested, by 30 April. You can either post this or send it as an email attachment to:

My offer letter has not arrived. What should I do?

If your offer letter has not arrived, please allow at least three working days before contacting the School Admissions Team.

I don’t want to accept the place my child has been offered. I want to appeal and join the waiting list for another school.

Trafford’s advice is always to accept the place which has been offered to your child. You can refuse it at a later date if you have a successful appeal or your child is offered a place from the waiting list at a school you prefer.

To join a waiting list you must complete the Application for Primary School Vacancies.

How can I appeal?

Please read the leaflet “About Your Right to Appeal” which was included with your allocation letter.

Further information about how to lodge an appeal should also be read.

Can I lodge appeals for more than one school?

Yes, you can appeal for as many schools as you wish.