Proposal to Expand Worthington Primary School

The Local Authority has a duty, set out in the Education Act 1996, to ensure sufficient school places for children who live within its area. In order to secure sufficient, high quality places for children resident in Trafford, the LA proposes the expansion of Worthington Primary School.

Formal consultation on the increase of the Published Admission Number from 45 to 60 was conducted under the requirements of the School Admissions Code. It began on 7th October 2019 for a period of 6 weeks and ended on 18th November 2019. No comments or objections were received.

The proposal will now be considered as part of Trafford's Proposed Admission Arrangements for 2021, by Trafford's Executive and the final arrangements will be determined by 28th February 2020.

The next stage is to consider the physical expansion of the school.

Over the Autumn Term 2019 several design team meetings have taken place with the School having the opportunity to influence the design.

A 6 week informal consultation began on Wednesday 27th November with a pre-planning consultation evening held at Worthington Primary School, to allow stakeholders to view the design team's preferred option ahead of the submission of a Planning Application.

Consultees are invited to submit comments or objections to: Marilyn Golding, School Admissions, Waterside House, Waterside, Sale, M33 7ZF

Or by email to All correspondence must be received by Friday 10th January 2020.

A planning application has been submitted (reference number 99502/FUL/19 Proposed two storey 4 No. classroom extension and
associated external works) and can be viewed through the planning portal:

It is hoped that building work will commence in the Spring Term 2020 and be completed and ready for the School to use in September 2020.

Worthington Primary School Planning Documents: