Consultation on the Presumption to Amalgamate Victoria Park Infant and Junior Schools

The Local Authority’s long standing strategic aim has been to amalgamate separate infant and junior schools where there were no contrary indicators to a proposal.  I am writing now, to the Headteachers and Governors of Victoria Park Infant and Junior Schools to advise that the LA has considered the circumstances currently pertaining at the schools and criteria which must be met in order to trigger the presumption:

That there is a vacancy in the headship of one, or both, of the schools;

  • That the site(s) can be effectively managed as one school; and
  • That the buildings can be adapted to meet the needs of an amalgamated school at an acceptable cost.

The purpose of the presumption is to ensure a consistent and objective approach and to allow for an open and transparent decision making process.  The presumption requires the LA to consider each case on an individual basis to ensure that any specific circumstances are taken into account.

Although the first of the three criteria is met, the schools are currently located on two distinct and separate sites, 0.4 miles walking distance from each other.  Both schools operate independently from each other, having separate kitchens and dining facilities which benefit from being managed locally.  Each school needs its own reception area and staff/administrative accommodation.

The amalgamation of both schools into one extended school would incur significant costs.  For example, the provision of 6 additional classrooms, the minimum additional accommodation option, would amount to approximately £2M based on February 2020 costs. However, no funding is currently available.

As a result, the LA considers that the criteria for amalgamation have not been met and therefore proposes not to proceed with the amalgamation of the two schools at this time.

To enable the comments and opinions of all interested parties to be considered, the LA will now undertake a 6 week consultation period commencing on Monday 2nd March 2020.  Consultees are invited to submit any comments or objections to the proposal not to amalgamate Victoria Park Infant and Junior Schools. 

Please forward any comments or objections by 13th April, by email to or post to:

Marilyn Golding, School Admissions, Trafford Council, Waterside House, Sale, Cheshire, M33 7ZF