Applying for school places

Most Trafford schools and academies have a catchment area. These schools give priority to the children that live in their catchment area. Faith schools may also have a catchment area, usually based on the local parish, but catchment area priority is only usually given to children that meet the faith criteria.

You can apply for any schools you wish but your catchment area school is the school where you will have the highest priority. It is important that you know what catchment area you live in and include that school (or schools) in your application.

Details of the catchment areas for faith schools and secondary schools are available direct from the schools.

If your child lives in another local authority you can still apply for Trafford schools, but you must apply via your own home local authority (where you pay your Council Tax).

Applications for September 2023 - Secondary schools

The closing date for secondary school applications was 31 October 2022.

There is additional information for the area where you live. This is most important for residents in the Altrincham and Sale areas where all schools are significantly oversubscribed and it is frequently the case that some catchment area children do not achieve places in their preferred schools. We strongly advise you to carefully read this advice and follow it.

Applications for September 2023 - Primary schools

The closing date for primary school applications is 15 January 2023.

In-year applications

An ‘in-year’ application is when a child transfers from one school to another, during the academic year.

Trafford is the admission authority for all Trafford community and voluntary controlled schools and will deal with all applications for these schools.

Applications for faith schools and academies in Trafford will be dealt with by the schools. Any applications submitted to Trafford will be forwarded to those schools.

Guidance for Ukrainian families and their sponsors

To apply visit Trafford’s portal and make an application for a place in primary or secondary school as soon as the family’s arrival is confirmed, using the link below.

Apply for a school place

The School Admissions Team will start to process your application right away. In the first instance you should just apply for whichever schools you want and don’t worry about looking for schools with vacancies.

We will collate all the information and let you know whether or not a place is available at one of your preferred schools. If no places are available we can help you with the appeals process and advise where places are available.

Other information

For further advice and information email

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