In year transfer

In year transfers - 2022 academic year

Parents may submit an In year transfer application direct to any school and contact details are available on the Trafford schools directory. Parents can also apply online using Trafford’s online application portal. In the case of applications for academies, foundation schools and voluntary aided schools, any application made through Trafford will be forwarded to the relevant admission authority for consideration. The admission authority will write to you to advise you of the outcome of your application.

Fair access protocol

Each local authority must have a Fair Access Protocol to ensure that unplaced and vulnerable children, and those who are having difficulty in securing a school place in-year, are allocated a school place as quickly as possible.

Fair Access Protocols may only be used to place the following groups of vulnerable and/or hard to place children, where they are having difficulty in securing a school place in-year, and it can be demonstrated that reasonable measures have been taken to secure a place through the usual in-year admission procedures:

  • Children either subject to a Child in Need Plan or a Child Protection Plan  or having had a Child in Need Plan or a Child Protection Plan within 12 months at the point of being referred to the Protocol;
  • Children living in a refuge or in other Relevant Accommodation at the point of being referred to the Protocol;
  • Children from the criminal justice system;
  • Children in alternative provision who need to be reintegrated into mainstream education or who have been permanently excluded but are deemed suitable for mainstream education;
  • Children  with special educational needs (but without an Education, Health and Care plan), disabilities or medical conditions;
  • Children who are carers;
  • Children who are homeless;
  • Children in formal kinship care arrangements;
  • Children of, or who are, Gypsies, Roma, Travellers, refugees, and asylum seekers;
  • Children who have been refused a school place on the grounds of their challenging behaviour;
  • Children for whom a place has not been sought due to exceptional circumstances;
  • Children who have been out of education for four or more weeks where it can be demonstrated that there are no places available at any school within a reasonable distance of their home. This does not include circumstances where a suitable place has been offered to a child and this has not been accepted; and
  • Previously looked after children for whom the local authority has been unable to promptly secure a school place.

Fair Access referrals are considered by Trafford’s Pupil Placement Panel (PPP). The PPP will meet on a half termly basis, as required. The PPP will hear evidence/submissions from relevant officers before determining the appropriate school to be allocated.

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