Transferring to secondary school - September 2023

The transfer from primary to secondary school is an important milestone in the life of your child. For most children, the transfer to secondary school will be a straightforward process and this information will help you make your decision. Some parents, where personal circumstances are different, might need more complex and detailed advice. This information is designed to help even in the most difficult of circumstances. In any event, the School Admissions Team is always available to give help and realistic advice.

Trafford Local Authority (LA) is responsible for processing applications for transfer to secondary school, for all its residents, for any state funded secondary school, including academy schools and free schools. In this information “school” means a maintained school, an academy school or a free school in Trafford.

All admissions policies for state funded schools are provided. Information about all schools in Trafford is included in the Trafford schools directory.  

Information on schools outside Trafford should be obtained directly from that school or from the relevant Local Authority.

We do try to make sure that pupils are offered a place at one of their preferences but in some instances this will not be possible. In all instances the relevant admissions criteria will be used to determine which children are offered places.

Please read this guidance before you submit your application.

It is most important that you submit your application by the closing date of 31 October.

This information details the policies and procedures adopted by Trafford and will be referred to in every event, as such the information might seem formal and difficult to understand. However, the Admissions Team is available, at all stages, to give you personal advice and will do everything they can to provide you with the information and support you need.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is for the 2023 academic year and is correct at the time of writing but policies are constantly kept under review and there may well be further changes within the education system which affect these policy statements arising from national legislation. In cases of doubt contact should be made with the Admissions Team.

Processing your data

Our core data protection obligations and commitments are set out in the council’s school admissions service privacy notice

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