Primary school admission appeals

If your application to a school is refused, you have the right to appeal this decision but there are limited grounds on which a panel can allow an appeal under infant class size legislation. The appeal will be heard by an appeal panel. The panel is independent of the school and of the local authority. It is only the independent appeal panel who is able to consider additional information and evidence about your individual family circumstances.

Before making an appeal

Before you make an appeal it will be helpful for you to understand how the school allocated their places, so you can understand why your child did not get a place. You will find each school’s admission arrangements on their website.

We strongly advise you accept any offer of a school place you receive to make sure that your child has a place should your appeal not be successful. If you accept the offer we have made, it does not stop you joining a waiting list or submitting an appeal for another school.

Appeal forms

The only three grounds for allowing your appeal are set out within the appeal form and the how to appeal guide.

There are different appeal forms depending on the type of school:

If you wish to appeal for St Mary's C.E. Primary School, Sale contact the school directly as they have their own appeal form. 

Appeal timetable

More help and advice

There are a number of places you can get more help and advice.

Useful guidance

Admission round outcomes

Find out how many children were offered places at each secondary school on national offer day in recent years:

Trafford School Admissions

We can help with questions relating to school admissions.

Trafford School Appeals (Governance Services)

We can help with questions relating to your appeal and the appeal procedures - only for schools where Trafford administers the appeals.