Secondary admissions - what to do next

How do I accept the offer of a place ?

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Please note that places cannot be accepted over the telephone.

Trafford residents need to return the reply slip, that is attached to the allocation letter by 15 March. You can either post this or send it as an email attachment to:

If you don’t live in Trafford but have received an offer of a Trafford school from your Home Local Authority, you must formally accept the offer by 15 March.  You can accept by post to Trafford School Admissions, Waterside House, Sale, Cheshire, M33 7ZF or by sending an email to

Please include your child’s full name and date of birth and the name of the school you have been offered.

I live in Trafford and my offer letter has not arrived. What should I do ?

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If your offer letter has not arrived, please allow at least three working days before contacting the School Admissions Team. Your home address will be checked before a copy letter is posted out to you.

I don’t live in Trafford and my offer letter has not arrived. What should I do ?

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Contact the School Admissions Team in your own area.

I don’t want to accept the place my child has been offered. I want to appeal and join the Waiting List for another school?

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Trafford’s advice is always to accept the place which has been offered to your child. You can refuse it at a later date if you have a successful appeal or your child is offered a place from the waiting list at a school you prefer. Accepting a place at a school will not prejudice your right of appeal for any other school.

How can I appeal?

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You can appeal to an independent appeals panel. The decisions of an independent appeal panel are binding on the admission authority and the parent/carer. Use the Further Information link below if you wish to appeal for a place at one of the following schools:

Altrincham Grammar School for Boys

Flixton Girls’ School

Lostock High School

North Cestrian School

Sale Grammar School

Sale High School

Stretford Grammar School

Stretford High School

Any other school

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If you wish to appeal for a place at any other school, information on how to appeal and the timetable for appeals is available from the relevant school’s website.

Can I lodge appeals for more than one school?

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Yes, you can appeal for as many schools as you wish.

How do I apply to join a Waiting List?

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You will not automatically be added to a waiting list. You can join the Waiting Lists for as many schools as you wish. To join a Waiting List you must complete the Waiting List application form. This form has been posted to all Trafford residents. It should be returned to Trafford School Admissions. Anyone can download a copy of the form here:

Where can I obtain advice?

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You can talk to the Headteacher at your child’s Primary School or you can contact the School Admissions Team in your area. To receive free, independent advice on the admissions and appeals process, you can contact the Children’s Legal Centre on 0300 330 5485 or visit their website