What happens next - Secondary school application

On Monday 1 March you will be advised of the outcome of your Secondary School Application.  You can log into your Trafford account from 00:01 hours to see the outcome of your secondary school application. 

Please log into your account well in advance to check that you have remembered your online account details and password.

Accepting or declining your offer

Later that day, you will receive an email, asking you to confirm that you want to accept the offered place, or to tell us about other arrangements you have made instead.

You are strongly advised to accept the offer; this means that you can always be sure that your child has a school place.

Even if you do accept the offer you can still join a waiting list or lodge an appeal for another school without prejudice. 

Waiting lists

Your email will also advise you on how to add your child’s name to the waiting list for other schools.

Waiting lists are not run on a first come first served basis.  Waiting lists must be run until the end of the autumn term at least, that is until Christmas.  Places must be allocated in using the same criteria as in the first round.

Your right to appeal

Although admission authorities must offer the parent’s preferred school whenever possible, this can only be done when there are enough places for everyone.

Where the number of applications received are more than the number places available at a school, then the oversubscription criteria must be applied.  This may mean that all of the available places are offered to applicants with a higher priority than your child.  This is the only reason your application can be refused.

If this happens, you have the right to appeal to an independent appeal panel.  If you wish to exercise your right to appeal, information on the timetable for appeals is available from the relevant school’s website or by reading the school admissions appeal page.

For further information or advice please email: school.admissions@trafford.gov.uk