Types of governors

Different numbers of each type of Governor are required for the different types of schools. The composition of a governing body should contain a wide range of people from the community. So that everyone who has an interest in the life of the school has a representative. Although Governors are either elected or appointed in different ways and from different stakeholder groups, they are all equal on the governing body.

Community / Co-opted Governors

Community Governors are invited to join the governing body by the other Governors of the school.

Staff Governors

Staff Governors are elected by the members of staff at the school and are representatives for that group.

Local Authority (LA) Governors

LA Governors are appointed by the local authority. Governorships are allocated to the political parties to reflect the local political balance of the council.

Foundation Governors

Foundation Governors are normally appointed by either the Diocese or local Parish Church Council.

Partnership Governors

Partnership Governors are appointed by the governing body from nominations provided by the school community.

Parent Governors

Parent Governors are elected by the parents of children registered at the school. Once elected they are a representative parent not a delegate. This means they can relay the views of other parents, but vote as their conscience dictates.

Sponsor Governors

Sponsor Governors nominated by a sponsor who provides the school substantial aid either financially or in kind.

Associate Members

Associate Members are extra people appointed by the governing body, who can bring additional skills or knowledge.