Travel assistance for adults with care and support needs

The Care Act 2014 and the National Eligibility Framework for social care has replaced various pieces of legislation and policies.

Eligibility for travel assistance will be determined by the adult’s needs assessment and subsequent care and support plan which are carried out by Trafford social services.  For more information on the assessment process for adults, visit the SEND Local Offer for Social Care on the Trafford Service Directory.

Where there is an identified eligible need for the provision of travel assistance, as a result of the needs assessment carried out by social services, this will be organised by Trafford Travel Co-ordination Centre. 

Where deemed eligible for travel assistance, the Council will levy a charge. Charges will be £2.50 per journey.  This will not affect an individual’s 'minimum income guaranteed' amount that ensures that a person is left with a minimum level of income in accordance with the Care Act Charging and Assessment of Resources Regulations 2014 and Statutory Guidance.