Stamford Park additional information

New school building proposal

There is no detailed plan at present as this will happen within the design process with the involvement of the school’s working party. We can however provide high level information about the proposal.

It is proposed that the new school will be built on the existing field site. The existing schools site would become the primary school playing field land and car park. As this land is not surplus to requirements it would not be at risk of re-development. There are no plans to demolish the caretaker’s house. 

The budget estimate of £8 million to build the new school includes premises for the early years foundation stage, key stage 1 and key stage 2 for a three-form entry school. In order to reduce the footprint of the building, a new build is likely to be two or three storeys. Similar examples can be seen at Bowdon CE Primary School and Oldfield Brow Primary School. A lift, refuge area and evacuation chair would be provided in order to comply with building regulations.

There will be a landscaping budget for playing fields and playgrounds, marked out pitches and a multi-use games area to help maximise outdoor provision. There is a furniture and equipment budget within the overall budget and the working party can prioritise its use. Furniture from the existing schools would usually be carried over to the new accommodation.  

The Department for Education (DfE) Building Bulletin 103 guidance for a three-form entry school is used as a starting point to identify the size and number of classrooms and other spaces which will be required within the school. There is leeway to tweak the design to suit the available site and requirements. The Planning Department has ratios for car parking spaces that will need to be adhered to in order to achieve planning permission on the site.

Parking - updated information

Some concerns have been raised about parking and we want to provide some additional information about this.

Car parking standards within the Local Plan specify 2 car parking spaces per teaching space in a school. A three-form entry school would include 21 classrooms plus specialist spaces. This equates to a requirement to create more than 40 car parking spaces. There is currently 1 parking space at Stamford Park Junior School and none at Stamford Park Infant School so this represents a significant increase.

It is proposed the car parking will be created on the site of the existing school buildings. The design and layout of the car park would be drawn up during discussions with the school's working party. This would be done by Amey in conjunction with the Planning Department and would aim to minimise the loss of green space. Any specific requirements from the school can be discussed with the Planning Department as part of this process.

Heritage of the existing school buildings

The heritage of the existing schools buildings does not have to be lost. We have rebuilt three schools of the same era in recent years – Navigation Primary School in Altrincham, Worthington Primary School in Sale and the junior block at Springfield Primary School in Sale. These schools wished to keep and incorporate some of the historical features such as stained glass windows, date stones and the iconic entrance arches. All this would be equally possible at Stamford Park.

View some examples of heritage features in new build schools.

Managing the design and build

The Council acts as the client for capital school building projects and will therefore commission the proposed new building. The school is the end user in this process. Usual practice would be for a school to set up a working party to input into the design process. In this instance this function will be undertaken by members of the temporary governing body of the new school. 

Snagging is covered by the main contract. Site surveys will establish exactly what work is required to be carried out on the field site and it will be left fit for purpose for use. There will be a project manager from AMEY and a project officer from Trafford Council School Capital Projects team overseeing the project to ensure the client brief is met, protecting the interest of the school during the build process.

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What if there is a delay?

The design team will work with the contractor to ensure that budgets and programmes do not overrun. Additional budget can be requested if there are time delays that make this necessary. However, this eventuality may be covered within the Contractor's contract. It is proposed that the new school will open on 1 September 2021 and there is adequate time at present to deliver the new school in this timeframe.

When will the number of pupils in the new school increase?

The school will have an admission number of 90 which is three classes per year group. The local authority expects to admit 90 children into the 2021 reception class. All pupils from the discontinued schools will transfer automatically to the new school and any new applications will be considered.  The final class organisation will be decided by the Headteacher. There are currently 70 children in Year 1 and 70 children in Year 2 and so one option could be to split these into three classes in each year and admit additional pupils up to 90. There would be no requirement for vertically grouped classes in the school.

Interim arrangements for PE and sports

Options for interim arrangement would be reviewed. It might be possible to deliver the multi-use games area in an enabling phase so that pupils have access to a secure outdoor sports facility during the construction phase and while the playing field is out of use. It may also to be possible to use the park or other schools facilities in the short term.

Governance arrangements for a new primary school 

Once a proposal to establish a new community school has been published, the local authority can constitute a temporary governing body, in anticipation of approval of the proposals. The local authority must determine the size of the temporary governing body which is to have a minimum of 7 temporary governors. 

The temporary governing body is the governing body for the new school. The governing bodies of the discontinued schools continue to be responsible for the individual discontinued schools until the date the proposed new school opens.


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