Our vision for the future of Stamford Park schools

We are proposing to create a new school, Stamford Park Primary School. Our vision is to provide an inspirational learning environment, fit for the 21st century, for the benefit of the current and future children of Altrincham. 

The new school will bring together two highly effective schools, Stamford Park Infant School and Stamford Park Junior School, to improve the teaching and learning environment for staff and pupils alike. Bringing the schools together in this way is known as amalgamation. 

The new school will be an energy efficient, low maintenance building, sensitive to the heritage of the previous schools and to the changing interests of the wider community.  

This set of information presents the ideas, facts and opinions collected to date and made available for a period of informal consultation which ended on 17 November 2019. This process allowed all interested parties to participate in shaping the proposal as it moves forward.

View the latest news about the proposal.

View all the consultation comments and responses received during the informal consultation.

Summary of the proposal

The proposal is to discontinue Stamford Park Infant School and Stamford Park Junior School, which each provide 70 places in each year group and to replace these two schools with a new build primary school providing 90 places in each year group. It is proposed that the school will open in September 2021 and it is anticipated that building would begin in the summer of 2020. 

You can read more in these sections:

Download the vision document which summaries the information provided here - this was handed out at our drop in sessions.

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