Proposal to Amalgamate Stamford Park Infant and Junior Schools


A period of consultation was announced on 9 November 2020 on the proposal to amalgamate Stamford Park Infant and Junior Schools. It is proposed this would be achieved by closing Stamford Park Infant School and simultaneously expanding the age range at Stamford Park Junior School from the current 7 to 11 years, to 3 to 11 years. 

Information was published which laid out the proposal and invited all interested parties to participate in shaping the proposal, by submitting their comments and ideas for consideration. Information was sent to all parents, staff members and to those who registered to receive updates about the project. The proposal was announced on our digital channels including our website, social media and in a press release. Online meetings for staff and union representatives were held on 11 and 12 November 2020. 

We received 27 responses to the consultation. 

  • 3 consultees did not support the proposal due to concerns about the proposed leadership arrangements.
  • 8 consultees were in favour of amalgamation in principle but expressed concerns about elements of the proposal presented.
  • 14 consultees fully supported the proposal to amalgamate the two schools
  • 2 consultees were neutral but submitted questions or comments

We responded directly to every consultee.

All the comments received from consultees, along with any information we sent in response, was included in a report to Trafford’s Executive Member for consideration in deciding whether or not to proceed to the next stage.

View all comments and our responses.

You can also view the public consultation information.

Statutory notice

A decision has now been taken to progress the proposal to the next stage. A statutory notice was published on 28 January 2021 which commences a 4 week formal period of consultation on the proposal. You can read more details in the full proposal.

If you wish to make comments or object to the proposal, visit the consultation hub.