Some frequently asked questions

Am I allowed to see the menus?

Yes sample menus are available online click here. Your child’s school will supply a copy of the menu at the start of the academic year.

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Can my child try the meals for a little while?

Yes, most schools allow all children to start on school meals to see if they like them.

Others are quite happy for children to have a trial period if the parent is uncertain of what the child wants to do. A period of notice may be involved in swapping from meals to packed lunches, but individual schools decide this.

Please note: Due to increased demand for school meals some Trafford Schools currently have a waiting list.

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My child is so fussy; I'm worried she/he won't eat anything

Our staff are extremely vigilant, as are the teaching staff and midday assistants in school. We are skilled in gentle encouragement and flexible in catering for individual requirements. Children are not forced to eat anything they don't like and Trafford Education Catering staff would always have a discreet word with teachers if difficulties arose.

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We eat very healthily at home and I don't want my child to eat too much processed food

We are very aware of the need for children to establish healthy lifestyle habits whilst at primary school age. Our menus are carefully balanced with predominantly freshly made produce. Our choice menu system, available in almost all schools, enables children to make informed decisions whilst exercising personal choice.

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Does anyone check on the kitchens?

Yes, there is a team of Area Managers who make sure standards are high in every school. We welcome feedback from parents and are positive about requests and suggestions from our customers.

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Can you accommodate special diets?

Meat free options are available daily and we are able to fulfil most specific dietary requirements. Please let your school know if your child has been prescribed a medical diet and we will liaise with school, dietician or any other medical specialists involved.

Should you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help your child enjoy their lunch.

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