Mayors Challenge Fund Tranche 4 – Wharfside Way – Moss Road Consultation

The Mayor’s Cycling and Walking Challenge Fund (MCF) aims to kick start the delivery of the Greater Manchester Cycling and Walking Commissioner’s Made to Move strategy to make walking and cycling the natural choices for shorter journeys. As part of this initiative we are proposing to improve cycling and walking facilities between Wharfside Way to Moss Road. The scheme aims to encourage residents and visitors of key attractions such as Trafford Park, Media City and Old Trafford Stadia to adopt sustainable modes of travel, whilst enhancing connectivity to the wider cycle route network, including National Cycle Route 55 and Route 82.

The scheme will be delivered in two phases, with Phase One focused on improvements along Wharfside Way and Village Circle, and Phase Two on improvements along Europa Way, Fraser Place through to Moss Road.

Wharfside Way Phase 1 & 2

Wharfside Way/Sir Matt Busby Way Junction

Wharfside Way Sir Matt Busby Way Junction map

Wharfside WaySir Matt Bubsy Way Junction map and image

Wharfside Way/Sir John Gilbert Way junction 

Whafside WaySir John Gilbert Way junction map and imageWhafside WaySir John Gilbert Way junction images

 Village Circle Roundabout 

Village Circle Roundabout  map

Village Circle Roundabout images

Improvements proposed to be delivered as part of Phase One will include:

  • Upgrade of existing cycling facilities along Wharfside Way to a cycle track in both directions separated from motorists
  • Upgrade of the existing ‘pelican’ crossing at Old Trafford Stadia entrance/exit to a segregated signal-controlled ‘sparrow’ crossing, a signalised parallel crossing which allows both pedestrians and cyclists to cross separately from one another, connecting to National Cycle Route 55
  • Modification and upgrade at the junction of John Gilbert Way / Wharfside Way to include segregated signal-controlled crossing facilities for both cyclists and pedestrians
  • Upgrade of the existing ‘toucan’ crossings at Village Circle to signal-controlled ‘sparrow’ crossings, connecting to existing cycle facilities along Village Way
  • Introduction of continuous footway and cycle track across accesses and minor junctions to give priority to pedestrians and cyclists ahead of vehicles
  • Reduction in speed limit along Wharfside Way to 30mph
  • Upgrading of existing bus stops to a new bypass to allow cyclists, pedestrians and bus passengers to be separated from each other

Next Steps

The consultation with local residents and businesses has now finished and the results have been analysed.

Read the Consultation Report

The detailed design is due to commence in late 2022. If you have any queries write to us at