Planned parking restrictions

Upcoming events and parking restrictions in place

  • 12 May, 14:30-19:15: Zone B, PPA, PPB, PPD, PPE, PPF, PPG
  • 15 May, 18:00-22:45: Zone B, PPA, PPB, PPD, PPE, PPF, PPG
  • 18 May, 13:00-17:45: Zone B, PPA, PPB, PPD, PPE, PPF, PPG

Permit only parking restrictions apply on an event day. We have set up up these zones to make sure residents have priority for parking in the local area. The dates and times of the next event days are advertised on signs when entering the area.

If you are a motorist, it is your responsibility to be aware of event dates so you know when parking is restricted.

On event days we encourage visitors to use public transport to travel to Trafford. You can find more details on our public transport page.