Types of resident parking permit

There are three different types of permits that may be available in a resident parking scheme:

  • Resident permits
  • Visitor vouchers
  • Blue Badge

Resident permits

A resident is defined as any person living at the property, and who should also be registered in the Council Tax records.

Based on the amount of off-road parking and road space available, there are a maximum number of permits that can be issued for each property.

You must ensure that each vehicle requiring a permit is registered with the DVLA at the property.

Visitor vouchers

Visitor vouchers are available for use by anyone visiting residents living within the parking scheme area.

Residents can buy books of 25 vouchers for use by their visitors. A maximum available of 12 books (300 visitor vouchers) is allowed per year.

You are not allowed to issue vouchers to commuters – this is misuse and may result in the withdrawal and cancellation of any of your visitor and resident’s permits without refund.

Details of permit and voucher costs can be found on the existing resident parking schemes page.

Blue Badge

Blue Badge holders living within a resident parking scheme area can apply for a free parking permit. We will send details on how to apply for a Blue Badge to residents once a parking scheme is approved.