Parking fines, resident parking, blue badge scheme and other information about parking in Trafford

Blue badge scheme

Blue parking badges allow cars carrying people who are registered blind or people who have severe walking difficulties to park near shops, stations and other facilities.

Disabled parking bays

A disabled parking bay is outlined on the road with white lines and enables you to park near to your house. Find out how to apply.

Parking in Trafford

Locations, pricing and opening hours for council car parks and on-street parking.

Trafford Council car parks are unable to accommodate oversized vehicles or motorhomes.

Pavement parking

Illegally parked vehicles cost thousands of pounds a year in damaged paving, grass verges and cause serious problems for residents living with a disability.

Parking fines

Information for those who need to pay, or appeal against, a parking fine.

Resident parking

How to apply for, or renew, a resident parking permit.

Event parking

Details of parking for sporting events and concerts in Trafford including details of permit only restrictions that may be in effect.

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