Community transport

For our residents who have difficulty accessing regular public transport, some helpful alternatives are listed here:

Ring and Ride in Trafford

Ring and Ride provides door-to-door transport for people who find it very difficult or impossible to get to a bus stop, or get on or off ordinary buses. Ring and Ride is designed to provide short local journeys and buses have low entrance steps and lifts at the back to make it easy for people to get on and off. If you use a wheelchair, the driver will secure your wheelchair safely in the bus so you won't have to get into a seat. Carers, friends and relatives can travel with registered Ring and Ride users. Fares are equivalent to ordinary bus fares. Drivers are trained in customer care, disability awareness and basic first aid. For booking enquiries and information call 0161 200 6011.

TfGM Travel Vouchers

Travel vouchers are for people who are not able to use ordinary buses, trains or Metrolink and who have serious walking difficulties or are registered blind. They can be used to pay for taxis and for travel on accessible bus services such as Ring and Ride and community transport.

The Motability Scheme

Motability is a National charity that helps disabled people of all ages to become mobile. A disabled person can use their higher rate component of Disability Living Allowance or their War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement to lease or buy a car or powered wheelchair or scooter through the Mobility scheme.

Trafford Blue Badge Scheme

The Blue Badge Scheme allows parking concessions for use by a disabled person in any car. The person applying for a Blue Badge need not be a driver or own their own car. People who receive Mobility Allowance or who are registered blind should be eligible for a badge. People who receive other benefits or who have difficulties but do not receive allowances may also be considered.

Shopmobility Trafford

Shopmobility is for anyone with mobility problems. You can borrow a wheelchair or a scooter to access shops and services. You could also book a 'shopping escort' to push a wheelchair or help people with visual impairment with shopping. Service operates at Regent Road Car park, Altrincham and Stretford Arndale.

There's a small charge for wheelchairs and electric scooters. No charge for escorts, but book in advance.