Road safety

Stay safe on Trafford's roads

Free cycle training

Many of us haven’t actually set foot or bottom on a bike for years.  Bikes have changed, our bodies have changed and the roads have certainly changed. Cycling proficiency is not all about children any more.


Bikeability are in all Trafford primary schools. If you would like more information about the scheme, contact your local school. 

School crossing patrols

School crossing patrols ensure the travel to and from school, for local children, is as safe as possible. Currently we have 120 school crossing patrols in operation covering 100 crossing points.

School Streets

A School Street is a road outside a school with restrictions on motor traffic at school drop off and pick up times. The temporary closure at drop off and pick up times, will help reduce congestion and pollution

Safer school run

Safety cameras

Safety cameras are in use in Trafford to enforce both speeding and traffic light offences.

Road safety guides

Resources for families with information to keep them safe on and around the road.