Carrington Relief Road

As part of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, it is planned to invest in transport and infrastructure in Carrington, Trafford. This investment is designed to enable housing and employment growth to take place in the area, which is a key designated housing growth location.

Various route options for the Carrington Relief Road have been considered by Amey Consulting, who provide Professional Services to Trafford Council.

In late 2020 an independent review of these options was undertaken which identified two route options which are recommended for further analysis. The Preliminary Options Appraisal Report detailing the findings of this review is due to be issued in the next few weeks.

Engagement events are being planned to explain the work that has been done in assessing options, what the next steps are to determine the preferred option, and to allow you to raise any questions or concerns. Due to COVID-19 measures and the national lockdown, these events will be held virtually and details will be published on this site once they have been confirmed.