Dangerous pavements

Any hazard on a road or pavement caused as a result of an accident, damage or vandalism may be considered a risk to the public and could result in personal injury to pedestrians, road users or possible damage to property.

What happens next?

The report will then be classed as either an emergency or routine work based on the type of damage.

For emergency work we aim to make a hazard safe within two hours. The damage is then assessed by a technician and an order issued for repairs as either reactive work within 8 weeks or planned work within six months, depending on the extent and location of the damage.

When a report of a hazard or damage is received the person taking the report will attempt to identify ownership and establish who is responsible for the property or street furniture from the details provided.

If the damage is clearly not the responsibility of the Council, then ownership details can be established and we will contact the respective statutory undertaker or owner who is responsible. A request will be made that they attend and make the hazard safe within a set timescale. If they are unable to meet this timescale then the Council will make the hazard safe and will then recover the costs.

If the responsibility cannot be established and the damage or hazard requires making safe, the Council will carry out the work within 2 hours and attempt to recover the costs from the property owner.