Street lighting

As well as installing new lighting in the borough, we need to make sure that it is maintained.

We will do this with planned maintenance, which includes electrical testing, structural inspections and cleaning.

Report a fault

If you spot a faulty street light, you can report it online or call 03330 035865. A fault may include an unlit lamp, a flickering light, a lamp burning all day or damage to the lighting column.

To help us locate the lamp, please provide the number of the light column, This can be found on the body of the lighting column. If you cannot see this, then please state the exact location or adjacent house number.

Report a faulty street light 

How long will it take to repair?

Usually, general faults are attended to within 7- 10 working days. If there is a problem on the electricity cable feeding the column, notification is sent to the utility provider who will usually resolve the fault within 9 weeks of receiving our report.

In cases where the door plate at the base of the lamp column has been removed, we will attend to this within the same working day.

Where a lamp column is leaning, an inspector will visit to determine how urgent the job is.

Requesting changes or improvements

We will consider all requests for installing or moving street lighting and prioritise those requests accordingly. Please call us on 03330 035865.