Leaf clearance

Between October and early January, dedicated teams will sweep paths and streets to remove leaves off the highway.

The leaf clearance programme on the public highway starts on Monday 9 October 2023 and run for 15 weeks; finishing week of 22 January 2024.

  • Four 16 tonne road sweepers: two in the north and two in the south of the Borough. Each road sweeper will be supported by an operative with a leaf blower, to clear leaves from the pavements.
  • Three smaller 6 tonne road sweepers will also be keeping Trafford clean; clearing leaves from the town centres and areas identified by supervisor inspections.
  • Teams will return to each area of the borough until it is tidy and presentable. On average, teams will visit each area at least twice and stay for about three to four days.

Order of visits

The lists below show the order in which our teams will visit each area of the borough. While leaves continue to fall, it may appear that the footpaths and street gullies have not been fully swept.

Leaf clearance - north

  1. Old Trafford
  2. Longford
  3. Gorse Hill and Cornbrook
  4. Lostock and Barton
  5. Stretford and Humphrey
  6. Urmston
  7. Davyhulme
  8. Flixton
  9. Bucklow St Martins
  10. Ashton upon Mersey

Leaf clearance - south

  1. Broadheath
  2. Sale Central
  3. Brooklands
  4. Sale Moor
  5. Manor
  6. Timperley North
  7. Timperley Central
  8. Altrincham
  9. Bowdon
  10. Hale
  11. Hale Barns and Timperley South

Leaves from private gardens

Do not sweep out or put out leaves and other natural debris from your garden or driveway onto the street. This will be treated as a littering offence or a fly tipping offence if deposited in larger quantities. You may also make the pavement hazardous to pedestrians.