Recycle on the go in Trafford

We have introduced new trio litter bins, meaning you can recycle on the go and help to keep Trafford clean and green. We’re already recycling 57.3% of all household waste, but with your help we can recycle even more.

One Trafford Partnership has introduced 440 new trio litter bins, allowing everyone to recycle litter whilst out and about.

The placement and locations of trio litter bins has been carefully considered to ensure high footfall zones are covered, as well as areas near shops and schools. Trio bins have also be installed in 27 parks following discussions with Friends of Parks Groups. Accessibility for collections crews are also considered for the safe emptying of bins.

Trio litter bins have three compartments that help you to recycle materials such as plastic bottles, paper and card, and dispose of non-recyclable items too.

What can be recycled?

  • Cans and plastic bottles – drinks cans, water and fizzy drinks bottles. But no plastic wrappers, packaging or bags.
  • Mixed paper and card – receipts, travel ticket stubs, cardboard sandwich packets, envelopes
  • General waste – chewing gum, cigarette butts, crisp packets and chocolate bar wrappers, plastic bags and dog waste.

If a litter bin is full, please use another or take your rubbish home with you. We empty litter bins regularly however sometimes a bin can get full before we get there.

Littering costs everyone money, as not only can you incur a fixed penalty notice of £80 but it also costs the Council to clean up. By putting your litter in the bins provided it makes it easier for us to collect, meaning we save money on cleaning up.

Both littering and fly-tipping are illegal and will incur a fine or even a prison sentence, therefore it is your responsibility to dispose of your waste properly. Visit for more details.

You can report littering or fly-tipping online.

Look out for #RecycleOnTheGo#BeResponsible, and #LitterBugsUs on Twitter to show your support in keeping Trafford tidy.