Street cleansing

With over 500 miles of public highway in Trafford—which means there are approximately 2000 miles of road and pavement—we're responsible for ensuring the borough is kept clean and tidy.

In addition, the street cleansing service is responsible for cleaning town centres and shop fronts, public footpaths, back alleys and entries, central reservations and Council car parks.

We also empty litter bins and remove fly-tipping across Trafford to make the borough a cleaner, greener place to live.

Our street cleansing service – what we do

Dedicated teams sweep the streets and pavements all year round on a 12-week cycle. This means:

  • Each street is swept approximately four times a year. If the street is found to be clean when the team arrive, they won’t sweep it until they visit again in 12 weeks time.
  • Between October and early January, teams will sweep paths and streets to remove leaves from the highway. On average they collect 2000 tonnes of leaves every year.
  • If you report a dirty street, we will visit to grade it for cleanliness. If graded a C or below, we will schedule a street sweeper to visit in 3 days.

Grading a street for cleanliness

Supervisors use Keep Britain Tidy standards to inspect around 1000 randomly selected streets a year, visiting each area every four months.

Street cleanliness grades
Grade of cleanliness Cleanliness description
A No litter or rubbish
B Mostly free of litter, except for some small items
C Widespread distribution of litter, with minor accumulations
D Heavy litter, with significant accumulations

Reporting a dirty street or footpath

If you see a dirty street with litter, detritus (dust, mud, soil, grit, gravel, stones, rotted leaf and vegetable residues, and fragments of twigs, glass, plastic, etc.) or spillages, you can report it online.