Fixed penalty notices

A Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) is issued in lieu of prosecution.

If you feel the Fixed Penalty Notice has been wrongly issued, and you can provide proof that it was not you that committed the offence you can contact us, in writing or by email, stating the reasons that you believe the FPN is incorrect. If the FPN is judged to have been incorrectly issued it will be withdrawn.

If you have received a correctly issued Fixed Penalty Notice your only right of appeal is in a court. Upon receiving an FPN, there are two options available:

  • Pay the FPN within the 14 calendar days.
  • Await the court summons or request a court hearing.

Your payment must reach us within 14 days of the 'Notice' being served, i.e. the date shown on bottom of the 'Notice'.

Payment of the £80 'Environmental Fixed Penalty' is required in full, in one payment. If you fail to pay within 14 days, we will initiate court proceedings.

How to appeal

If you should request a court hearing, you will be required to attend a magistrate's court to have your case heard. You will need to consider the following:

  • You may need to contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau for advice.
  • You may need to involve the services of a Solicitor.
  • You will need to consider the evidence that may be presented in the court in prosecution of the case.
  • If the court finds against you, you may be liable to a higher fine, a criminal record, and a possible prison sentence.
  • If the court finds against you, you may be liable for court costs.

How to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice

All information on how to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice is on the rear of the notice.

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