The Be Responsible Pledge

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Most people in Trafford use litter bins and help keep the borough clean and green.

We all have a part to play in helping to keep our Borough clean and green and some people litter and fly-tip which is unsightly, dirty and damages the environment. Every day the Council empties bins, collects materials for recycling, removes fly tipping and cleans off graffiti. With your help, we can do even more.

The Council is launching the Be Responsible Pledge

The Be Responsible Pledge is all about looking after our environment, reducing litter and promoting recycling as well as making Trafford a cleaner, safer, greener place for all who live, work and visit the borough.

We love Trafford and more and more people love where they live. The scheme aims to further increase community pride and involve the whole community in helping to keep Trafford clean, tidy and litter-free.

Who can take the Be Responsible Pledge?

Anyone can commit to taking the Be Responsible pledge. You can take the pledge by following one of the links below:

What does taking the Be Responsible Pledge involve?

  • Residents will commit to keeping the area around their home clean, tidy and litter free, as well as recycling correctly by putting the right stuff in the right bin.
  • Schools will commit to educating pupils to look after their environment as well as helping to keep the area around their school clean, tidy and litter free.
  • Businesses will commit to ensuring that they comply with the legal duty of care for safe storage, handling and disposal of their waste.  They will promote responsible disposal of litter to employees and customers, and be a positive example to others.

Free litter picking equipment

More and more people love where they live and with your help we can make a big difference to the local community. We will provide individual residents who take the Be Responsible pledge with their very own litter picker and some bags to collect litter in.

Schools, community groups and businesses who wish to carry out larger litter picks can loan litter picking equipment from us.

To request the loan of litter pickers please e-mail

Insurance and health & safety

If you take part in a Be Responsible Pledge litter pick, you will be covered by the Council’s Public Liability Insurance where you can show that you have thought about how to reduce the potential risk of harm to you and your volunteers. You should visit the site where you want to litter pick and carry out a full assessment of the risks. It’s important you consider all of the possible risks to you and your volunteers. Keep Britain Tidy have provided some guidance to help you: Great British Spring Clean Guide for Hosts and Risk Assessment.

Each clean-up is different, so once you know the site and the terrain, think about the maximum number of people you could look after during the clean-up. Make sure everyone is aware of potentially dangerous items that they should not pick up. If dangerous, poisonous or hazardous items are present, contact the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60. If syringes are spotted at any stage during your clean-up, do not attempt to move them yourself. Make a note of their location and inform us on 03330 035865.