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1 March 2017

13 February 2017

21 December 2016

2 November 2015

1 November 2014

Government Consultations

Also central Government is consulting on a high number of policies, plans and proposals. To make it easy for local residents to give their views, we are publishing a continuously up-dated list of key consultations which are of relevance to the Trafford area. If you wish to respond to any of these consultations, please follow the guidance provided in the consultation document.

Please note that this list is a selection and does not entail all ongoing consultations. If you are aware of other consultations which should be included, or have any comments or feedback, please send an email to partnerships&

Government consultations
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Tell us How Website

Website launched for all public sector workers, to have their say and put forward suggestions on how to deliver public services.


Red Tape Challenge 

This website asks for views on which regulations are working and which are not; what should be scrapped, what should be saved and what should be simplified. The website is updated every few week to consult on the regulations affecting one specific sector or industry – from retail to hospitality to construction.


Rolling deadline